VIP Condos

Have you ever purchased a new VIP condominium?

Along with my residential practice I specialize in selling pre-release condominiums for the developers. By purchasing at  the right time you might be able to gain in value of the condo in less than a year. Would you be interested?

Let me explain how it works.

When a developer launches a brand new building it is sold in certain stages. The very first stage is called VIP event. At that promotional time a builder announce the lowest price for the suites. These suits are sold within a couple of days. There are only some agents invited to the VIP event and I am one of them. I have long experience working with the new condominiums and many different developers. As their appreciation for the volume of sales I accomplished, the developers invite me on their special events like VIP sales events.

Once the VIP event is over, the developer raises the price and sells to the general public and other real estate agants and their clients. They ususally establish a couple of phases when they release some untis with a new higher price.

Have you ever seen on TV the line up of people for the new condo openings.

People stand outside for hours and when they finally walk in to the show room, they see some red stickers covering the most attractive suits on the board. How is that possible when they were the first in the line. They missed VIP event when ususally the most attractive units sell for the lowest price possible.

The only people that are the first in line and get the lowest price are those who buy during the VIP event.

I have limited space for some new condo projects in the city.

Call me today to reserve your appointment and use the opportunity to be the first in line when it comes to buying a new condo in pre-construction phase.

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